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Of, by and with Women

a conversation in art.

artwork, loosely arranged around the subject: Women. 

15 or more artists including: Sonya Fe, Ella DIaz, Marissa Lopez, Ramona Garcia, Aida Lizalde, Glenda Drew, Bryan Valenzuela, Sarah Marie Hawkins, Andres Alvarez, Ruben Briseño Reveles, Miguel Paz, Colleen Craig, Ruby Chacon, Dani Bronson, Diego Anguiano, Mike Rodriguez, Linda Michelle Hardy, Alicia Siu, Sophia Hui, and Jesse Vasquez. 

** PARENTS PLEASE NOTE ** This show depicts images and themes that deal directly with all aspects of womanhood - including mensturation, domestic abuse, rape. Each artist who dealt with these things did so from a place of personal experience. The work is not sensationalistc, but these themes are dealt with in a very honest manner.

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