Jesse Vasquez is a Sacramento based artist and photographer. He began his photography career while attending Sacramento City College, shooting local bands and exchanging prints for a spot on the guest list at various local venues. At some point during a beginning photo class, he got an assignment to do "painting with light" and his work took a turn down a strange and wonderful pathway and never looked back. He has since developed this technique in  many dramatic and subtle ways all of which focus on the human form as elemental expression. 

He lived in Philadelphia from 1993-2002 and worked widely in the performance community, learning from the dance and physical theater worlds which were exploding there during that time. He worked slowly but steadily in whatever darkroom happened to be available, mostly at local universities. Most of the body of work “Creatures of Light” was produced then, though some essential pieces in this collection would be produced upon his return to Sacramento in 2002. 

Shortly after this return, he turned his eye towards “making a living” and began doing editorial work for some local publications. He also began making digital captures which opened up vast possibilities for new exploration and expression

The collection “Stone” was something of a reaction to the fact that galleries and other organizations often put out calls for “Fine Art and Photography”. He set out to produce work that referenced classical painting and sculpture and was printed in a manner which muddied the line between photographic print and fine art reproduction. While working on these images, he also began to do portraits of friends which referenced religious iconography of the renaissance. The vast amount of studio time required in producing these two bodies of works led to an unending body of work which could be produced while relaxing on vacation or just having a walk down a river - “no place better than here”. 

The situation is now that Jesse feels confident that he could shoot kiddie soccer photos and stamp them clearly with a signature signature style. He is ready to travel, and ready to show you a little bit of yourself.