Of, by and with Women
5:00 PM17:00

Of, by and with Women

- a group exhibition at the Latino Center for Art and Culture
March - April 2017

Of - is the simple acknowledgement that
every person who has ever existed was created
inside the body of a woman.

By - the simple acknowledgement that
the physical and emotional labor of women
is all around us and binds society in ways
that are crucial to the continuance of

With - The acknowledgement that if humanity
is to avoid the many potential catastrophes
facing us, we will need to correct the imbalances
that have led us to this point. We need nothing
less than full equity and must commit ourselves
to reaching this goal.
Without full access to the minds, talents and
skills that women already bring to every facet
of society - and without full compensation for all
of this - there is no path forward. Only together,
consciously and willifully, can we begin to heal
this planet enough for her to continue to support
our young, stubborn species. 

- Jesse Vasquez, curator

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to Mar 3

riot and reckoning

This is a small salon-style show of images that I shot but never finished, that never found a home in a series or that for one reason or another, never made it into the world. This is going to be a strange, somewhat disjointed trip thru ideas that have passed thru my mind and camera. 

There will be an abundance of nude figures depicted, so please plan accordingly.

There will be a closing reception on March 3rd, 2017. Please come on out for high caliber socializing, wine and planning of future projects.

The closing will also feature new work from "lovemad", produced in January of 2017. 

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Work of Body - group exhibition
6:00 PM18:00

Work of Body - group exhibition

an exploration of what it means to inhabit, use, desire, be trapped in or unaware of, a body. 30+ artists from the greater Sacramento/Bay area, East Coast, and Berlin working in performance, dance, conceptual improv, sculpture, painting, photography, textile, mixed media and installation. This is a one night only event, and not to be missed. 

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